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The easiest and fastest way to publish your podcast episodes to Libsyn, WordPress, iTunes and more, with just one-click.


Why Choose Prestopod?

Organize All Your Podcast Information

Prestopod is a cloud-based content management (CMS) system that helps you plan & organize every episode.

Use Prestopod to plan upcoming episodes and prepare more efficiently. Enter your episode information once and easily publish it wherever your want.

  • Get more organized planning & preparing for upcoming episodes
  • Enter episode information once and easily pubish where you want
  • No more hassle of spreadsheets and endless copying and pasting

Publish a New Episode with Just One-Click

Prestpod publishes your episodes to Libsyn, iTunes, Stitcher, WordPress and more.

Upload your audio file once and let Prestopod publish your episode to your podcast hosting service and other distribution platforms. You'll love how easily you can publish new content.

  • Automated ID3 tagging optimized for iTunes
  • Effortless one-click publishing & podcast distribution
  • All your episode information published automatically

Create Show Notes Easily and Quickly

Prestopod will automatically create and publish a show notes page on your WordPress site.

Prestopod merges your podcast details and episode information to dynamically create a show notes page. It also schedules the post, applies categories and integrates with your favorite podcast player.

  • Automatically merge your data to publish show notes
  • Fully customize your show notes with our templates
  • Integrates with PowerPress, SPI Player, Simple Podcast Press etc.

Whether you do it all yourself or have a team publishing your podcast

Prestopod Will Save You Time and Money

One-Click Publishing To

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No Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Give us a try. If you're not totally delighted with how Prestopod saves you time and money, we'll happily give you a full refund.