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Organize All Your Podcast Information

Prestopod is a cloud-based content management (CMS) system that helps you plan & organize every episode.

Get Organized

Get more organized planning, researching and managing all your episode information in one place.

Store Transcripts

Manage your full-text transcripts or time-stamped show notes with your episode information.

Personal Notes

Use the personal notes feature to research an episode, list questions for guests or plan your key talking points.


Publish a New Episode with Just One-Click

Prestpod publishes your episodes to Libsyn, iTunes, Stitcher, WordPress and more.

Automatic ID3 Tagging

You’ll never need to worry about ID3 tags again. Prestopod adds the right tags to your audio files and optimizes them for iTunes.

Full Libsyn Integration

Prestopod is fully integrated with your Libsyn account and will publish each episode to Libsyn in just seconds.

One-Click Publishing

Forget about uploading multiple times or copying & pasting your podcast information. Prestopod takes care of it all.


Create Show Notes Easily and Quickly

Prestopod will automatically create and publish a show notes page on your WordPress site.

WordPress Integration

Prestopod will create a page with your show notes for each new episode, schedule it and publish it directly to your WordPress site.

Powerful Customization

Use the powerful template functionality and dynamic short codes to fully customize your WordPress posts.

Podcast Player Integration

Prestopod integrates with all popular podcast players and will automatically add your favorite player to your WordPress posts.


One-Click Publishing To

"Prestopod has been an amazing gift and resource! I'm so delighted to be a Prestopod customer and could not recommend this service more."
Michele Boyer A Balanced Pursuit Podcast
"I love how easy (and fast) it is to get a podcast published with Prestopod! I recommend it to all of my podcaster friends!"
Bob Harper Sales Algorithm Podcast
"Prestopod has simplified podcast publishing. It’s a one-stop solution that lets you publish new episodes across multiple platforms in minutes."
Bill Murphy RedZone Podcast
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